Power Link - Privacy Policy

Please read this before playing Power Link or using any Skycookie Studio services.

This page is to inform as well as ensure that any data if collected is not used other than for services (Of Skycookie Studios applications). This privacy policy will concern data for Power Link (Mobile entertainment application that is on the Play Store) is stored locally on the devices that it is used on.

Power Link currently uses data locally to store tracking for scores for the game. Power Link does not have any data collection built-in. Power Link does have the function to get further in the game in return that an Ad is watched. This data is not controlled by Skycookie Studios.

Any data collected that does not concern the game (Ads, which is included in the game, as an example) does not go through any online services through Skycookie Studios nor any online third-party services for data to be collected nor used.

This privacy policy may be updated in the future for changes.